Jake and Patriot

Debra Shore is an excellent dog and person trainer.  She helped us when we added my 2-year-old rescue Lab/Chow mix to our family that already included an aging Golden Doodle. She utilizes only positive reinforcement, and has a very quick way of getting the dogs’ attention and taught us how to re-pattern their responses.  She gave us excellent handouts to refer to when she left.  She has a lovely way of relating to my family and my dogs.  She clearly has an understanding of dog behavior and motivations and pointed out things that we were doing to encourage undesirable behaviors that we would have missed otherwise.  We were able to correct some problem behaviors, learn and respect our dogs’ limits, and create a calmer canine environment.  We would highly recommend her.

Heather Bernatchez

Judy and Lacey

I hired Debra to help me be a better rescue mom. I already had one rescue but recently added an 11-year old abused dog and was concerned about her acclimating and the right way to train her with compassion and kindness to have her trust me. At first she was frightened, she would run away, not listen and didn’t have great manners. Debra was brilliant. She was calm and efficient and taught me how to walk her on leash without pulling, consistently come to me off leash and how to have a great relationship full of trust. It was so rewarding and now I have one of the best dogs I have ever had. Debra was always punctual, prepared and our sessions were a fun time for both me and the girls.

Ingrid B.


We began working with Debra when my puppy, Hobbes, was about ten weeks old. By the end of our first lesson, both I and Hobbes knew we had found the right trainer; Debra was so patient and kind with Hobbes, and he learned so quickly with her. From the beginning, Debra worked with me to figure out what my goals were for training Hobbes and then planned our lessons around those objectives. One of my favorite parts about working with Debra is that while she worked one-on-one with Hobbes, she also made sure to walk me through the training process so that I could continue reinforcing the behaviors between sessions, which really helped Hobbes (and me) to learn along the way. Hobbes obviously loved working with Debra as well, and to this day, gets so, so excited when he sees her! 

Aleksa Lazarewicz-Anstey


Debra Shore truly is the dog whisperer. We have a young, extremely hyper Husky named Rocky. Rocky was a beautiful puppy about 7 months old at the time but in need of discipline. My wife, Amy, first came in contact with Debra at a clothing store while Debra was walking with her German Shepherd. Amy was so impressed with how well he listened to her. When Amy came home later that day and told me about Debra, and how well her dog behaved, I had to admit I was skeptical. We called Debra and asked her if she would come take a look at Rocky. Within minutes, she had Rocky laying down at her feet waiting for a command from her. I was in awe of this because Rocky would never listen to anyone in the family. We hired her to train Rocky and help teach the children the proper way to handle a dog. There was so much we needed to know and she was the right person to help us through. Now we enjoy having Rocky and he has matured into a wonderful family member. All thanks to that chance meeting with Amy and Debra. Again, she truly is the Dog Whisperer and we could never thank her enough.

Joe Calagna


Working with Debra was such a vital step in acclimating our rescue dog, Tater, into our home. Tater had a lot of insecurities around leash walking, other dogs & visits to the vet. But it wasn’t just Tater that needed training, it was us too! Debra’s lessons began with confidence building as we learned, in tandem with Tater, the basic commands – Sit, down, stay, polite leash walking and lots of positive reinforcement methods. This grew all of our confidence levels and allowed us to work towards tackling Tater’s bigger issues. Debra gave us the guidance and knowledge we needed to achieve ‘real world’ improvements with Tater. We recently added a human sibling to our household and Tater is now the best doggy big brother we could have imagined. We are so grateful for Debra and all the patience & planning she put into our training program.

Ally Dickie


Dear Debra,
I’d like to thank you for the wonderful work you did with Lulu. I’ve attempted to work with trainers before, but Lulu never responded to anyone like she did with you. Not only was I thrilled with Lulu’s response to your sweet, but firm manner…but the fact that you related to her with an individual plan made all the difference. In fact, you addressed and solved her issues so rapidly, that I wished we had a second dog to work with, as both Lulu and I were sad to see you go. As you know, I have recommended you to many of my friends, and they too are constantly singing your praises.

Anne Miller


Debra is the essential trainer.  I’ve had some in my life and she stands out as a professional, mindful, educational and organized expert. She was loving to my dog and patient with me.  It’s not so easy to train a pet and not all trainers know what they’re doing.  Debra always arrived with props, treats, and left very helpful printed materials behind. She was always available and prompt in her response to my calls or emails. She really is a cut above.

Joanna W


We loved having Debra as our trainer! She is very diligent, gentle, and she works very well with animals. She is also patient but effective. Debra always went above and beyond what we asked of her by constantly reaching out and asking about our puppy and how she is doing. Whenever we needed her for a question or concern she was always just a phone or text away. 

Adriana Gabaldon