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After training dogs for over 20 years, I became a professional dog trainer in 2009, started a private in-home training practice in 2010 (Debra Shore Dog Training LLC) and received my CCPDT Professional Trainer Certification in 2012.
Each dog has his or her own story and every situation is unique. Whether my clients want their dogs to learn manners, come when called, or solve behavior problems such as leash reactivity, jumping up or aggression – we work on achieving their goals in sessions that are fun and motivating. To facilitate this process, I teach owners how to communicate with their dogs in a way that helps them to learn and make good choices.

Training your dog is an act of kindness: dogs can’t know how to conduct themselves in a human world unless we teach them the necessary skills. Once they learn, they can participate instead of being excluded due to what humans may view as rude behavior. All in all, training enhances the human-canine bond and makes for a happier household. 

During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your dog’s history, environmental issues that may affect your dog’s behavior, learning fundamentals, and how to handle undesirable behaviors. Based on this discussion, I’ll develop a unique training plan for your dog. I will also teach your dog at least one new behavior so that you can get started right away. To guide you in your training, I’ll provide hand-outs and send follow-up emails after each lesson.

For most dogs, I recommend six lessons to learn the foundation behaviors necessary for good manners; this will help you get the most out of the training plan and set your dog up for success. If the goal is eliminating an unwanted behavior or teaching a new skill, fewer lessons may accomplish this. It depends on you, your dog, and how much you practice together.

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  • Debra Shore is an excellent dog and person trainer. She helped us when we added my 2-year-old rescue Lab/Chow mix to our family that already included an aging Golden Doodle.
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  • Debra is the essential trainer. I’ve had some in my life and she stands out as a professional, mindful, educational and organized expert.
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  • Not only was I thrilled with Lulu’s response to your sweet, but firm manner…but the fact that you related to her with an individual plan made all the difference.
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